Persephone silver

This exploration of natural forms in silver and copper began just a few years ago for me, when I took a class to channel my ideas into metal creations. I had never tried my hand at it before.


I believe that creativity can be translated through different media in different ways, and for me learning to work with metal gave outlet to an unexpected satisfaction and newly discovered ability.


There is beauty everywhere translatable and diverse. I strive to have a piece of it to remind me of the quiet beauty surrounding us while so much time whirls away...these are the moments looking out at a tree, at fallen leaves, at flowers, into the water or up at the sky that make me feel a part of this beauty even when the leaves have fallen, or the rain pours down.


I hope you enjoy these objects as much as I enjoyed designing and making them.






A Cult of the Rabbit company.                                                  Company Number 06841378, Registered address 510 Centennial Park, WD63FG

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